Great Essay Ideas and Topics for Students

Great Essay Ideas and Topics for Students

The following are the tricks to come up with good ideas for expository writing:

Selecting a topic:

Be sure of the fact that you can fit your essay within the narrow area provided.

Writing thesis sentences:

Putting down a thesis statement that expresses a controlled thought which shouldn’t be too broad and at the same time it shouldn’t be specific too. Try to come up with interesting ideas for your expository essay.

Selecting a development method:

Choose a method which will serve your thesis in the best possible way: You could develop your essay in the following fashion-definition, evaluate and contrast, example, cause & effect, categorization, process scrutiny are some of the methods you can choose from.

Organizing the essay:

You could begin by preparing the list containing the main divisions that will be discussed in the main body of your essay; then write in the important points that the paragraphs of your write-up will consist.

Writing theme sentences for paragraphs of your essay: Provide a theme sentence, for each body paragraph, that directly narrates the thesis statement. For that you need to have clarity about the idea for expository writing.

Writing the main body of your essay:

The paragraphs of your essay should bear in mind the actual theme.

Provide an introductory paragraph:

The introductory paragraph would be defining what your essay is all about.

Provide a decent conclusion paragraph:

Providing a conclusion of your essay is a very important aspect and it should conclude your thesis in an effective note.

But knowing the points is not enough. You also need to have good expository essay topic ideas for that. Below mentioned is one of the many ideas for writing an expository essay.

The purpose of a good expository essay topic idea in an essay is to present important information about a specific subject.

For example: Career – The prime goal in your life.

An objective less career is like a compass less traveller. Many of the students at your young age might be still searching for the perfect career option that would instil within you the spirit with which you can contribute to your own domain. Many of you might aim to become a doctor, engineer, sports person, etc. I aim at becoming a blooming entrepreneur.

Much moved by the awesome contributions of eminent entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Vijay Mallya etc. I plan to do my graduation in the field of Business administration and make a concrete platform to build on my entrepreneurship skills. Knowing the fact that there are different elements in a management level that I should be aware of in order to promote my own business, a master degree in the later stage in the same domain i.e. Business administration would also be my target.

Here are few of the points that you could have followed for writing an expository essay like the above one.


The reason behind admiring your role model.

The reason as to why someone from your close reference should be a leader in your eyes.

The importance of parents in achieving your goal.

An animal with which you relate yourself with.

The contribution of teachers in achieving your goal.

Locations in your nation where you can get specialized education on your domain.

Teen stress.

The effect of family shifting.